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walls acting out.
Published on April 18, 2008 By wulfn1 In OS Customization

note the wall behind the dock and the wall behind the browser.... I just don't understand it.

I use the change wallpaper every hour thing in WB and recently noticed that there is an issue with how the  walls display behind the dock.

Any suggestions?

on Apr 18, 2008
It looks blurred.
That's usually a skin setting.  What's it supposed to look like if not that?
on Apr 18, 2008
it's actually two different wallpapers. at the moment I have a purple hue'd wall behind my browser, and behind the dock is a sunset wall, which isn't blurred though the purple wall is looking pixelated , I think it's supposed to be that way.
on Apr 18, 2008
hmm, the wall behind the browser finally changed, and it now matches the wall behind the dock... it's like there's a lag in the changing between the two... go figure.
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