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Published on April 28, 2008 By wulfn1 In

I thought I'd talk a little about some of the other program skins available at Wincustomize , this week.


So today I loaded one of my right click skins I've been using Earth Hour Wb by Remolacio, despite it's freakish similarity to Alienware Xenomorph by Stardock Design ( available only as part of a suite). It's one of the few  recent dark skins that include a contrast text on dark backgrounds., I just wish the dark background and contrasting text were applicable in all text windows. and not just on the skin's colored areas alone.*Sigh* wouldn't that be nice? ... but.... I digress.


Rummaging through my right click skins , I came up with Blue Glass by Buzzzh58. It matches nicely with the whole look. including the rounded edges and cyan colored neon glow.  The style integrates nicely and almost looks part of the Earth Hour skin. Almost.

I'm only just learning all the ins and outs of Rightclick. So be patient with me here, I can give only brief descriptions of the skins themselves till I understand what RC can do, and how different skins react with those features.

For the cursor, I chose Rexa by tycus I recolored to match my skins. The triangular shape gives the impression of being curved within the middle, sort of like a pencil eraser, but actually it reminds me of those jets that fly by occasionally, with the exhaust coming out the back in a blue color. I recolored that blue to match the windowblind more closely.

 Tregetour by zakai1369 is the style I chose for Object Dock. I used the tile-tr style of that background. The silver and black compliment this dark theme with an almost twisted metal look to the borders.  I like also the way it tilts up slightly to the rear of the icon,making it seem like each one is on a serving platter, or a flying saucer ready to zoom up at my slightest mouseover.

Continuing my trend in matching schemes to wallpapers, I found this new paper   Stalked by Frankief to be really intriguing, it looks much like a cactus, sea anemone, or fern the way it fans out but has a network of "arms" within.

I usually shy away from skins with the word "white" in them because they have a tendency to hurt my eyes, but I decided to try  White System v 1.0 by 1mrpaul1 I darkened it down a bit in windowblinds config, and adjusted the hue till the blue matched part of the wall just right.

I dug out Earth fx big by Javier Aroche for my cursorfx , the coloring again works nicely with this wall. and the animation is clean and interesting. The icon Pack I chose, was ROUNDer by AndrawDay  the almost lozenge like look of these icons was attractive with the look as a whole.

I thought it needed just a bit more to make it look really sharp, so I opened up Sexy right click by Messiah1  a blueish clean looking skin that I have used previously because it looks so pretty.



When I saw On chesapeake bay by kenwas  I had to have it. Living on the Delmarva peninsula, we are really a part of the chesapeake, and the history of this area is rich with sea tales,pirates and new beginnings.

While I thought Sunken Treasure by KittyMalone was really the perfect wb to go with this blind, I felt I should include some names I haven't used lately, and so I traveled thru the time warp of the libraries and found Driftwood by Dangeruss. It's a darker, brown wood grained skin, with bolts and metal accents on the edges. This skin works well with the wall, but there are a couple areas where it's  difficult at best to view some text.

Nautical mile by 47songs is the IP I chose to use, for obvious reasons. It just fit nicely with the ship's wheel and spyglass and porthole themed icons.

It took me a while to find just the right cursorfx theme, but eventually I settled on oxide by TYCUS. The style and coloring look nautical and remind me of some features on boats and ships.

I tried to get rightclick to use the windowblinds skin I am using, but it always chooses the same skin when I click that choice. So I hunted and found an oldie but goodie that works ok with this combination, 1000 B.C. by codysan. The rock coloring, and font, goes well with the look as a whole.

Over all, a very rustic,bayside look that I think I will keep on hand for those days like today when it's rainy and miserable.

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on Apr 28, 2008
Another nice review wulfn1.   

Along with Zoomba's and Island Dog's features, yours are becoming a regular read. Thanks for taking the time.   
on Apr 28, 2008

Thanks Philly! I enjoy creating them too. Wish I'd have had more time this week though , would have gone in to further detail.


on Apr 28, 2008
Another nice review wulfn1. Along with Zoomba's and Island Dog's features, yours are becoming a regular read. Thanks for taking the time.

on Apr 28, 2008
on Apr 28, 2008
Great picks 
on Apr 28, 2008
hmmm... screwed up the first line, but it still works.

glad ya'll like it.  
on Apr 28, 2008
Great reveiw, I may give right click a try,thanks.  
on Apr 28, 2008
once you figure out how to use it,Wizard, it's really a great program. I rarely use my start menu when rightclick is loaded. it's way too convenient, especially when the windows button on my keyboard is the hotkey for it. lots easier to hit that than to go down to start and wait for the menu to load, which when my ram's maxxed out, takes awhile and doesn't always show things in a timely fashion.
on Apr 28, 2008
Nicely written article and good picks.
on Apr 28, 2008
Another good read. Thanks.

I see several favorites of my own......
BlueGlass is probably my #1 used goes with A LOT of stuff.
All of Ken's ship walls are collectibles and the one you posted is a favorite of those. I have family on Kent Island so I'm familiar with the area as well.

on Apr 28, 2008
Very well done. I especially like your On Chesapeake Bay composition. Great read and great picks.  
on Apr 28, 2008
Another great review. These are great for pointing out not only particular skins but also whole personal galleries that people may have missed.

On a personal note, it's nice to see one of my tiles (and one of my clocks) getting some use.
on Apr 28, 2008
lol! I should've mentioned the dock, It's just lack of time this week. Though I hadn't thought about the icons themselves, nor the clock. I'll be sure to research where I got all my icons for the dock for future reference. It's a shame not to mention good work.
on Apr 28, 2008
lol I only mentioned it because I happened to notice it that's all.
on Apr 29, 2008
Thank You for the article, I found some goodies I had missed.
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