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Published on September 23, 2008 By wulfn1 In Forum Issues

Just  a simple request, don't know if it's feasible.

There are several threads that are extensive. I know you can click the blue button to go to the last post read, but if you haven't read from that thread in eons,.. you end up very far away from the most recent posts.  the "last" page button  is helpful but only gives you the option of going to the last page  which can be limited and involves navigating past pages to bring yourself up to date.

I know some sites have an archive feature that creates an archive of the last month's posts so you only have a month's worth of posts at one time, and if you want to go further back you click the link for the month you want to browse.

I imagine this might take up valuable server space, so I understand if it's not possible, but if it is, it would be refreshing for posts like the nothing thread, or jokes thread or even finish the sentence.

( if there is already an archive feature that I just haven't found yet, I apologise and will blushingly hide under a rock till this post vanishes)

on Sep 23, 2008

It's certainly doable. I'll run it by the peoples that I'm required to and see what everyone thinks. That's about as much as I can give you for feedback at this point in time. (Sorry about that).

(As an aside I moved this to the Forum Issues category. You got the 'Issues' part right though )

on Sep 24, 2008

I saw the forum issues link after I posted and reallized that's where I should have put it , thanks!

I'm just glad it wasn't a totally dumb idea. Thanks for considering it!

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