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small minded people who mindlessly bleat the thoughts others have placed in their heads
Published on January 9, 2005 By wulfn1 In Blogging
Ok this is just a rant , plain and simple.
Recently I purchased a pretty little wind spinner for my garden. It was beautifully hued in the colours of the rainbow. Now I have always loved the beauty of the full spectrum and there was a time when it was in vogue to colour your surroundings and yourself with the full range of colours in the rainbow. Lately though it seems people in my area have deemed the rainbow to symbolize homosexuality only and nothing else. I have no gripes against anyone's personal sexual taste. I just like the rainbow. and enjoy placing it in various places where I can view it.

I was raised "christian", Catholic first , then Baptist. (not digressing, this actually has a small signifigance to the thread.)
in both those religions we were taught that the rainbow was God's promise to his children that he would never flood the earth completely again. So the rainbow is important to me on a religious level as well as a fashion statement.

Now I said all that because I have heard snickers and asides from people who walk by, that this must be a "gay couple's" house. ok so they're ignorant I ignore them for the most part. But now my own mother has gotten in on this, it seems her pastor has deemed the rainbow the official symbol of gay liberation and therefore cannot be displayed by any "righteous child of God"(in other words by anyone who blindly listens to his sermons and can't think for them selves.) I am offended on two levels by this.
First , geez mom! I'm your daughter you'd think you could see beyond the words of your self righteous preacher and remember what you have been taught since infancy! and Second, Who are these people to judge someone purely by the colours they fly in their yards?!
I think it's time people took their heads out of the sand and recognised that the spectrum is just a bending of light that produces a thing of beauty and it's everyone's right to display it's colours if they feel like it and get over themselves and their fears and predjudices. it's time to let the poor rainbow alone!
and leave me the heck alone for displaying it too! .
honestly, didya ever?!?! a rainbow!
ok I feel better now

on Jan 09, 2005
I'm definately with you on the rainbow thing. i think its perfectly fine that you like them, i like them too. people can be so stupid, i swear.
on Jan 16, 2005
Thanks for the comment Sarah,
Have to add this to my list of complaints about small minded people... namely mom.
On my way home the other day, with mom in the passenger seat, she had the audacity to suggest that my lawn ornament was going to send the wrong message to people and that my son would be subject to ridicule and bullying because he lived in a house with this displayed. her reasoning was this " you aren't gay, (hubby..) isn't gay, who's left? your son! they will assume that he is gay and he will have bullies picking on him and people will think he's gay because you're advertising that a gay (yes she actually said "a gay" ) lives here".
sad sad woman. love her but she is about as broad minded as a gnat. oh and for the record, my son is not worried at all that people would think that by viewing the lawn ornament. amazing what skewed fanatiscism can do to a person.
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