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June 8, 2008 by wulfn1
Hello again all!

Above everything , I must thank those who chose to promote me, I am honored and will strive to live up to the new rank, THANK YOU!!


It's another week and another artist to be highlighted, but first to finish my last week's article:


I ran late last week and have now learned to be more organized in my information gathering. Hopefully this will help for future reviews. I never got to show off KittyMalone's  Igloo wb.

so here it is, hope you l...
June 3, 2008 by wulfn1
Hello skinners!

I have  a big favor to ask to those who create superhero skin themes. Your work is superb , all of you, but  I don't like pictures of superheroes on my desktop. I would love to use your skins, but they all have one thing in common, no substyle without the artwork of the actual superhero.

Could you please consider creating a substyle to these skins that keeps the beautiful work but doesn't include the superhero logos,and images?

some skins I refer to: the spi...
April 18, 2008 by wulfn1
note the wall behind the dock and the wall behind the browser.... I just don't understand it.

I use the change wallpaper every hour thing in WB and recently noticed that there is an issue with how the  walls display behind the dock.

Any suggestions?